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  • Yelmotor Small Wind Turbine Manufacturer

  • Yelmotor Rüzgar Türbinleri (Rüzgar Gülleri)

  • Yatay ve Dikey Eksenli Rüzgar Türbinleri

  • Rüzgardan elektrik üretiyoruz.

  • 150 Watt, 300 Watt, 500 Watt  ve 2000 Watt (Yeni Model)  Modellerimizle

  • Bedava Elektrik Üretimi




(The Wind Engine!...August 2017)




Siparişleriniz alınmaya başlanmıştır.

  • Alternative Energy Engineering

  • Small Wind Turbines, Yelmotor Manufacturer,

  • Free Energy From Wind Power

  • Producing Electricity use of Wind Power

  • We have 150, 300, 500 Watt Small Wind Turbine Generator for home Usage

  •  2017 model 2000 Watt Yelmotor (new) Wind Turbine Generator for Farm Usage

  • Coming Soon 300 Watt Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Urban Usage

  • (Producing Electiricty from Turbulent and Steady Flows)


  • Small Hydro Power Units for Pumped Energy Storage

  • Catching Small Energy Packets to Save More Energy Demands

  • Yelmotor Small Wind Turbine Manufacturer 

  •  More Breathable World


Let's make world better and better!



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  • an Enginering Company having experience over 20 years

  • CNC Machine Tool Selling and Servicing

  • CAD/CAM Program Selling & Training

  • CNC Machining and Mold Making

  • Mold Design and Production

  • Reverse Engineering for Point Cloud to Surface and Solid Models



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